The Perfect Salon Experience

Imagine what it would be to focus on your clients without dealing with the nonsense in most salon environments!

  • If you have clients, but are not happy with your current salon . . .
  • If are frustrated by salon politics . . .
  • If your salon does not provide new clients . . .
  • If you love running your salon but are tired of the constant responsibility . . .

Then this could be the most important letter that you read this year.

Here's why . . .

Today, both stylists and salons are facing increasingly difficult challenges.

More clients have elevated expectations for their salon experience. They want high-end finishes with a luxury feel. But this steep investment prevents many salons from upgrading to upscale décor, more comfortable chairs, ergonomic sinks or a plush waiting area. And don't kid yourself – your clients notice. You probably do too.

Although clients desire a lavish experience, they want to pay bargain basement prices. As clients tighten their budgets you may find yourself facing a reduced commissions or incurring service fees. Really? Shouldn't your salon pay you and not the other way around?

And if you are a salon owner, the growing number of nail salons, increasing overhead and pressure to keep rates affordable probably make it difficult to compete. Maybe it is time to take a break from all the responsibility!

Ciao Bella Salon and Spa has found the answer to running luxury salons with a steady stream of clients and no nearby competitors. Our stylists benefit and so do our clients. Would you like to hear how we do it?

Several years ago, I was just like you – trying to give my clients a sumptuousness experience on a shoe string budget. We hired expert hairdressers, set up shop in an exclusive area – we even offered a glass of wine to our clients so they could relax and enjoy. We had a great reputation but still struggled to meet the overhead.

Then we began to provide the same salon experience in well-appointed senior living communities like Shannondell at Valley Forge. These communities attract affluent residents who value the finer trimmings from the front lobby to the interior of their plush apartments. They appreciate having all of their amenities on site – banks, fitness centers and, of course, full service salons. When our outside clients moved over to our retirement community salons, they also enjoyed the atmosphere. I bet that your clients will too!

Today, we don't worry about paying exorbitant fees in strip centers. We have beautiful spaces in all of the top communities and pass our savings on to our stylists. That's right – we pay fair commissions, don't charge service fees, and even handle all the payroll taxes.

Would you like to grow with us?

We partner experienced stylists and salon owners who want to enjoy the benefits of a well-run salon in an upbeat, stress-free environment. Our stylists invite their clients to experience our luxury salons in Shannondell at Valley Forge. Most of them like it so much that they refer their friends and family members.

Some days, we have more clients than stylists! So we are expanding our hours and looking for creative and expert stylists who would like more flexibility – either full or part time.

Imagine how you would feel if you could give your clients a better experience, have more flexibility in your schedule and make a great living at the same time?

Sound too good to be true? It's not! It is wonderful.

But Don't Just Take Our Word for it!
At Ciao Bella Salon and Spa, our entire team are not only experts in their specialties, they are also have years of experience working with clients who want a sumptuous experience consistent with their upscale senior living community.

We have a team of focused, creative and happy stylists who love how we have helped them turn their life around. They can offer expanded hours to their existing clients and enjoy a steady stream of new clients.

And yes, we have overwhelmingly happy clients who made the move with us and love it.

"Debi is more than just a hairdresser to me. She is my color consultant, my style advisor and over the years has become a friend. When Ciao Bella moved to a retirement community, I made the move with them. It is just beautiful and is often a one-stop-shop for my cut, color, waxing – even products. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!"

Fiona Middleton
A Happy Client for 10+ Years

Imagine what it would be like to let go of the stress and still do what you love the most!

For twenty five years, I have committed myself to giving my clients a memorable spa experience, where a routine service like a cut and style will make them feel pampered and cherished. I would love to help you give your clients the same experience.

Let's schedule a few minutes to talk about your needs and see if you and your clientele are a good fit for our offering. And, I would be delighted to have you visit one of our salons to see if we are right for you. Please contact